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Thomas M. Lanigan, Ph.D.
Faculty Appointment: Research Investigator, Department of Internal Medicine
Specialty: Rheumatology
Research Interests: Dr. Lanigan's broad research interests are in understanding the mechanisms underlying altered cell function through gene regulation and how it relates to disease and treatment. The main research project is to identify molecular mechanisms of HIV induced CD4+ T lymphocyte dysfunction. This is accomplished, specifically, by investigating the role of HIV Tat on T lymphocyte mitochondria apoptosis. Dr. Lanigan's broad hypothesis is that Tat down-regulates genes involved in maintaining mitochondrial integrity. A secondary project is identifying and manipulating gene(s) involved in oral keratinocyte stem cell differentiation. The goal is to identify the "triggers" for differentiation and manipulate them to maintain the stem cell population. The goal is to then utilize these stem cell populations to treat oral disease.
Degree: Ph.D., 1997, University of Iowa
Fellowships: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Molecular&Cellular Biology, 1998, Parke Davis Pharmaceutical Research, Department of Vascular and Cardiac Diseases
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Biological Chemistry, 2002, University of Michigan
Faculty Appointment Date: 4/1/2008
Academic office address Medical Science Research Building II
1150 West Medical Center Drive
Room 3554A
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5688
Academic office telephone: (734)764-5201
Academic office FAX: (734)764-3596
E-mail Address:

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