Medical Services


The Division of Pediatric Genetics provides service in the diagnosis and treatment of the causes of autism. The evaluation includes a thorough history and physical examination. Family history is a key component of the evaluation. Genetic testing suggested by this evaluation is often obtained.

The faculty include:

Ayesha  Ahmad, M.D.,   Pediatric Medical Genetics
Jeffrey Winfield Innis, M.D., Ph.D.,   Pediatric Medical Genetics
Catherine Elizabeth Keegan, M.D., Ph.D.,   Pediatric Medical Genetics
Donna Marie Martin, M.D., Ph.D.,   Pediatric Medical Genetics
Jane  Schuette, M.S.,   Pediatric Medical Genetics
Beverly  Yashar, Ph.D., M.S.,   Pediatric Medical Genetics

Contact Information: (734) 764-0579

Appointments are by: Physician Referral Only
To make an appointment call: (734) 764-0579
TTD (Michigan Relay System for Hearing Impaired): (800) 649-3777

Send referral information to our Administrative location:
Medical Professional Building
1500 East Medical Center Drive
Room D5240
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5718
Phone: (734) 764-0579
Fax: (734) 763-6561

Clinic Location:
A. Alfred Taubman Health Care Center
1500 East Medical Center Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5318
Phone: (734) 764-0579
Fax: (734) 763-6561