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The Division of Pediatric Genetics provides service in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of birth defects, structural abnormalities, inherited diseases, chromosomal abnormalities and mental retardation. Pediatric genetics also cares for children with biochemical genetic disorders, inborn errors of metabolism, and metabolic defects. Services include an evaluation to identify genetic diseases, chromosomal analysis, amniocentesis for prenatal diagnosis, molecular and DNA diagnostics, genetic counseling and teratologic evaluation of abortuses, stillborns and selected neonatal deaths. Teratological evaluations may be submitted by physicians subject to the consent of the parent.

Biochemical Genetics
Craniofacial Genetics
Ehlers-Danlos, Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Marfan Syndromes
Fragile X Syndrome
Genetics - Clinical Care
Genetics - Outreach
      Munson Medical Center - Traverse City
Medical Genetics
Michigan Medical Genetics Laboratories (MMGL)
Neurofibromatosis (NF)
Pediatric Cardiac Genetics
Pediatric Cardiovascular Genetics
Skeletal Dysplasia and Limb Defects
Urogenital Malformation