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The Adult Neurosurgery Service at the University of Michigan has expertise in a broad range of structural and functional disorders of the brain, spinal cord, skull, and spinal column. We provide a wide range of surgical services including open surgery, endovascular surgery, stereotactic and image-guided surgery, minimally invasive surgery, endoscopic/ventriculoscopic surgery, and radiosurgery. We value our relationship with you and our goal is to provide your patient with the highest quality care in the most efficient manner. Do not hesitate to contact our staff directly via M-LINE (1-800-962-3555), should you have any questions regarding your referral. Specific consult guidelines for individual neurosurgical conditions, including suggested (but not required) additional tests and management options are as follows:


Adult Hydrocephalus & NPH

Brain Tumor

Chiari Malformation

Intracranial Vascular Abnormality

Pituitary Tumor


Arm Pain

Evaluation of Suspected Spine Metastasis/Cord Compression

Leg Pain

Neck/Back Pain

No Vertebral or Epidural Tumor

Painful Metastasis To Spine, But No Spinal Cord Compression


Spinal Cord Compression

Spinal Tumors and Other Abnormalities

Peripheral Nerve:

Brachial Plexus Lesion

Carpal Tunnel, Cubital Tunnel, or other Peripheral Nerve Entrapment Syndromes

Peripheral Nerve Lesions


Cancer Pain

Cranial Neuralgia (Trigeminal Neuralgia, Hemifacial Spasm, Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia)

Intractable Epilepsy

Movement Disorders (Parkinson's Disease, Tremor, Dystonia)

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