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Consult Request Guidelines
for Chronic Hepatitis C

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Chronic Hepatitis C
Suggested Pre-Referral Evaluation and Management Guidelines

Referral for chronic hepatitis C is appropriate for patients with:

  • Patients with a detectable HCV RNA.
    • Patients with positive anti-HCV but without detectable HCV RNA should not be referred given lack of ongoing infection.
  • Documented history of chronic hepatitis C infection and need for further evaluation or long-term management.
    • This includes but is not limited to evaluation for treatment with antiviral medication.

General counseling for patients with confirmed infection:

  • Decrease or abstain from alcohol
  • Advise on precautions to prevent transmission
  • Recommend hepatitis A/B vaccination
Suggested Additional Test/Management Prior to Specialty Visit
  • A documented detectable HCV RNA level is necessary for referral to confirm the diagnosis (a positive anti-HCV is insufficient).
  • Obtaining recent results for the following would facilitate care recommendations prior to specialty appointment:
    • Routine lab testing to assess staging of liver disease: CBC, Comprehensive metabolic panel (comp), INR
    • Liver ultrasound
    • HCV genotype
  • Results of testing for hepatitis A and B status, HIV, and other causes of liver disease if previously performed (e.g., iron studies etc.).
Patient Education/Information (includes preps)
1)Hepatitis C
2)American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases
3)Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
4)National Institutes of Health
5)American Liver Foundation
Appointment Timeframe Approximately 4-8 weeks. Requests for urgent appointments can be made and will attempt to be accommodated.
How to Get Results to Consultant UMHS Patients: See MiChart
External Patients: Fax non-UM records to GI scheduling office 734-998-1453
External Patients referral form
Clinic Contact Information Physicians: 800-962-3555 or 844-233-0433
Patients: 800-395-6431
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Revised on: 05/31/2016

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