Department of Psychiatry  
Adult Ambulatory Psychiatry

The Department of Psychiatry provides consultation and short-term treatment for patients with specific psychiatric disorders and for UMHS patients with psychiatric issues that complicate their medical care. All referrals (except Neuropsychology) go to a central intake system and are triaged from there. You do not need to refer to a specific specialty program.

Detailed guidelines are presented below by sub-specialty program to aid in your management, and to highlight the areas in which we have sub-specialty expertise. Due to capacity limitations we cannot treat all psychiatric problems or provide long term treatment. We will provide diagnosis and referral when appropriate care is not possible within our department. We favor a collaborative care model, stabilizing patients and addressing specialty needs within our department, and referring back to primary care for maintenance, with easy re-access when specialty care is again needed.

Anxiety Disorders (Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, PTSD)

Bipolar Disorder (Adult)

Depressive Disorders (Major Depressive Disorder, Dysthymic Disorder)

Evaluation Clinic (UMHS Outpatient Consultation Program)

Women's Perinatal Mood/Anxiety Disorders Team & Parent Infant Program
(Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety, OCD, PTSD, Psychosis, Bipolar)

Additional information:
  • There are some common psychiatric problems that benefit from sub-specialty expertise that we do not treat such as Adult Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders, Gambling or Internet Addictions and Anger Management.
  • We do have additional clinics within the University of Michigan that offer treatment for Eating Disorders, Sexual Dysfunction and/or Sexual Addiction.
  • Many insurers "carve out" their mental health coverage, so access to UMHS physicians for general medical care does not guarantee coverage for care within UMHS Psychiatry.
  • If we cannot treat due to insurance barriers or subspecialty needs that we cannot address, our intake staff will try to redirect patients to appropriate resources.



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