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Vertebral Body Compression Fractures

Suggested Pre-Referral Evaluation and Management Guidelines Osteoporosis is a debilitating metabolic bone disease that may lead to decreased skeletal function and vulnerability to fractures of the vertebral bodies.

Prevention and conservative treatment are key. These treatment modalities range from Calcium/ Vitamin D, Bisphosphonates, Calcitonin, HRT, Exercise.

History as to the events that lead to their current pain such as a fall, minor trauma.
Patients usually demonstrate pain and tenderness to percussed region on the vertebrae.
Suggested Additional Test/Management Prior to Specialty Visit Imaging Studies MRI (gold standard), CT, plan Radiographs, bone scan
Early referral to the U of M Back & Pain Center for consideration of Percutaneous Vertebroplasty

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Patient Education/Information (includes preps) U of M Back & Pain Procedures
Appointment Timeframe Appointment within 0-2 weeks
How to Get Results to Consultant UMHS Patients: See MiChart
External Patients: Hand carry non-UM records to visit or fax to 734-936-6585
Clinic Contact Information Physicians: 800-962-3555
Patient: 734-615-7246
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Brighton Health Center
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