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Strong Family History of Breast and Ovarian Cancer/BRCA Gene Mutation Carriers

Suggested Pre-Referral Evaluation and Management Guidelines
  • Consider visit with genetic counselor (Dr. Merajver's office - Kara Milliron)
  • Tamoxifen and Raloxifene
  • Prophylactic surgery (bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy [BSO] and/or mastectomy) are commonplace in highest risk women. Consider visit with gynecology (Dr. Pearlman) to discuss risks/benefits/timing of BSO.
  • Annual mammography (starting age 30), yearly breast MRI (starting age 25), and twice annual breast exams (starting age 21) in BRCA mutation carriers and blood relatives who are untested.
Suggested Additional Test/Management Prior to Specialty Visit
  • Offer genetic counseling and referral to Dr. Merajver's clinic.
  • 3 generation family history for cancer should be documented.
  • Written informed consent will need to be documented before genetic testing - MI state law.
  • If presence of pancreatic cancer in the family history, refer to GI to discuss pancreatic cancer screening options.
Patient Education/Information (includes preps) Provided at time of visit
Appointment Timeframe If asymptomatic, within 4-6 weeks
How to Get Results to Consultant UMHS Patients: See MiChart
External Patients: Please fax to 734-763-7672
Clinic Contact Information Physician: 800-962-3555
Patient: 734-763-6295 (OB/Gyn)
or 734-764-0107 (Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Evaluation Program, Kara Milliron, CGC)
Clinic Location Sites Comprehensive Cancer Center
Mott Children’s Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital (9th Floor, OB/Gyn Clinic)
UM Consulting Physician Mark David Pearlman, M.D. (Ob/Gyn)
Sofia D Merajver, M.D., Ph.D. (Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Evaluation Program)
Lisa A. Newman, MD, MPH, FACS

Plastic Surgery reconstruction evaluations:
Edwin Grant Wilkins, M.D.
Revised on: 12/30/2014



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