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Neck/Back Pain

Suggested Pre-Referral Evaluation and Management Guidelines Ask about radicular pain, weakness or numbness
Suggested Additional Test/Management Prior to Specialty Visit A trial of NSAIDs, perhaps rest for a few days, and consider physical therapy if chronic, mild and without associated neurologic symptoms
Patient Education/Information (includes preps)
1) May provide education about lifting, back and neck exercises, cervical support pillow
2) Back problems and procedures
Low Back Pain
Exercises for the lower back
Appointment Timeframe With associated weakness, or bowel and bladder symptoms, evaluation is urgent/emergent. Otherwise try measures indicated and send refractory patients to General Neurology clinic, Spine PMR clinic, or Center for Interventional Pain Medicine (Pain Clinic).
How to Get Results to Consultant UMHS Patients: See CareWeb
External Patients: Hand carry non-UM records and MRI films to visit
Clinic Contact Information Physicians: 800-962-3555
Patients: 734-936-9020; Taubman Health Center: 734-936-5780
Clinic Location Sites
1) Taubman - Orthopaedic Surgery
2) Pain Clinic - Med Inn
UM Consulting Physician General Neurology Faculty
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