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Neuropsychological Evaluation

Suggested Pre-Referral Evaluation and Management Guidelines

The Neuropsychology Clinic emphasizes comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological assessment for outpatients and inpatients across a wide age range. Common referrals include: academic concerns related to potential learning disabilities or ADHD, cognitive disorders related to neurological illness or general medical conditions, dementia evaluations, and cognitive manifestations of psychiatric disorders. For more information, refer to the clinic website:

We do not provide evaluations of acute issues (e.g., very recent head injury or stroke). Patients with such histories should only be referred following a reasonable period of recovery.

We are a consultation service only and do not provide any treatment.

Suggested Additional Test/Management Prior to Specialty Visit Prior to referral, patients with untreated psychiatric concerns should complete an outpatient psychiatric/psychological evaluation and any recommended treatment.
Patient Education/Information (includes preps) For general information on neuropsychological evaluation and what to expect during the evaluation, please see the following brochures:
Appointment Timeframe Next available routine appointment.
Evaluations range from 2-8 hours in length depending on the referral question and patient history.
Information needed to determine appointment type:
  • Specific reason(s) for referral
  • Significant medical and psychiatric diagnoses
  • Any testing limitations (hearing, vision, motor, speech/language, interpreter needed)
  • Also include results of previous neuropsychological or school testing and relevant medical records
How to Get Results to Consultant UMHS Patients: Make sure all needed information is posted or scanned in to MiChart
External Patients: Fax referral request form and supporting patient records. Fax: 734-936-9262
Clinic Contact Information Phone: 734-763-9259
Clinic Location Sites Neuropsychology Clinic at the Commonwealth Building
UM Consulting Physician Neuropsychology Faculty
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