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Sports Hernia

Suggested Pre-Referral Evaluation and Management Guidelines

"Sports Hernia" is an inconsistently defined and misleading term that has nonetheless become popular and entered the medical lexicon. It been applied in a variety of circumstances to persons with muscular injury, usually sports-related, who have pain in the inguinal or groin region in the absence of a clinically evident bulge or true hernia. In the popular imagination it has become synonymous with occult hernia, despite a paucity of evidence.

Causes of sports hernia (i.e., groin) pain have been attributed to small fascial tears, to fascial tightness, to microfractures in the pubic region and to occult hernias, among other things. Proposed treatments have ranged from physical therapy to fascial release and or release of the adductor longus tendon, to incision of the periosteum over the pubis, to inguinal floor repairs with or without mesh reinforcement, to genitofemoral nerve resection or some combination of these.

There have been no randomized trials looking at either the diagnosis or management of this condition. All surgical reports have been anecdotal, focused on high-performing athletes.

Anti-inflammatory medications, rest, heat, stretching and rehabilitation programs are most likely to be beneficial for the average patient.

Surgical consultation is not likely to lead to a recommendation other than those above.

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