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for Strong family history of breast and ovarian cancer/BRCA gene mutation carriers

Strong family history of breast and ovarian cancer/BRCA gene mutation carriers
Suggested Pre-Referral Evaluation and Management Guidelines
  • Consider visit with genetic counselor (Dr. Merajver's office - Kara Milliron)
  • Tamoxifen and Raloxifene
  • Prophylactic surgery (bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy [BSO] and/or mastectomy) are commonplace in highest risk women. Consider visit with gynecology (Dr. Pearlman) to discuss risks/benefits/timing of BSO.
  • Annual mammography, yearly breast MRI, and twice annual breast exams
Suggested Additional Test/Management Prior to Specialty Visit
  • Offer genetic counseling and referral to Dr Merajver's clinic.
  • 3 generation family history for cancer should be documented.
  • Written informed consent will need to be documented before genetic testing - MI state law.
  • If presence of pancreatic cancer in the family history, refer to GI to discuss pancreatic cancer screening options.
Patient Education/Information (includes preps) Provided at time of visit
Appointment Timeframe If asymptomatic, within 4-6 weeks
How to Get Results to Consultant UMHS Patients: See CareWeb
External Patients: Please fax to 734-763-7672
Clinic Contact Information Physician: 800-962-3555
Patient: 734-763-6295 (OB/Gyn)
or 734-764-0107
Clinic Location Sites Cancer Center
East Ann Arbor Health and Geriatrics Center
Mott Children’s Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital
UM Consulting Physician Mark David Pearlman, M.D.
Sofia D Merajver, M.D., Ph.D.
Lisa A. Newman, MD, MPH, FACS

Plastic Surgery reconstruction evaluations:
Edwin Grant Wilkins, M.D.
Revised on: 02/03/2012